BackMIR National Assembly – Palermo 2015

Upholds the proposals of the reports to and debate at the conference Mediterraneo, un mare di conflitti e di speranze;

Takes as its program the pre-Assembly contributions received and subsequently discussed in the Assembly;

As one of Mediterranean terminals of IFOR , the Italian section is committed to:

  1. Support for Churches in areas of conflict (g. The Franciscan Bishop of Tripoli – see the past support to the Chaldeans in Baghdad, the Congo, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Ukraine, the former Yugoslavia, the Kosovo);
  2. The establishment of a Youth Camp in Lampedusa, in collaboration with the local parish, (which hosted the first visit of Pope Francis outside Rome);
  3. Collaboration in the project “Mediterranean Hope” by the Waldensian and Methodist Churches;
  4. A collaboration with the actions of relief in favour of sea-travelling migrants undertaken by “Sea Watch” and Medici Senza Frontiere organizations;
  5. A possible twinning (and / or establishment of a Youth Camp (via HRYO)) with Tunisian associations defending human rights (Tunisia is the partner country of the EU “youth” projects);
  6. A MIR delegation to the Holy Land, to meet ecumenical (EAPPI –WCC), nonviolent and Ifor Israeli and Palestinian organizations ;
  7. Possible training initiatives in partnership with the PBI or the Nonviolent Peace Force (CDSC), or with the Christian Peace Team;
  8. A possible partnership between different national branches of IFOR, e.g. see French MIR interest in the Maghreb, the Austrians to initiatives for nuclear disarmament, the British for their initiatives on the drones and we, for our initiatives on Muos;
  9. Possible partnerships with schools or churches in Europe and the MO, on the themes of Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights.

To achieve these goals, the MIR is launching a membership and movement-building campaign, also encouraging a federation between local associations.


The MIR National Assembly endorses the following initiatives, as emerged in its general political debate:

  1. a) Immigration: we support the “Carta di Palermo” for the abolition of the residence permit;
  2. b) Support for the IPRI CCP proposal for rescue missions in the Mediterranean sea;
  3. c) No to the Fiera delle Armi Leggere (Small Weapons Fair );
  4. d) Action against Muos, Drones and Killer Robot;
  5. e) Local re-runs of the “Percorsi di Pace e Nonviolenza” event (that has already taken place in Padua and Turin);
  6. f) Commitment to Nuclear Disarmament for humanitarian reasons and towards a nuclear-free Mediterranean, as promoted by the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership of the Barcelona Process and support for the disarmament of the Mediterranean of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon;
  7. g) Support to the proposal for a “European Peace” and to the ” European Institute of Peace “(EIP);
  8. h) Initiatives for the civil recycling of military barracks located into urban territory;
  9. i) Commitment for Peace and ecumenical dialogue and encounter between the various Faiths and Religions; j) Promotion of a network for sharing an “office network printing” nonviolent associations;
  10. k) Opposition to NATO military exercise in the Mediterranean ( September-November 2015).
  11. l) Building a network between anti-militarist and non-violent organizations, promoting of a Culture of Peace ; Support BDS boycott in favour of the Palestinian cause, for a Peaceful Middle East.

(Unanimously carried)


Specific Motion on Homophobia


The Italian section of the MIR promotes respect, dignity and equality of LGBT people within the Churches, pledging to act so that Churches will: – Fully welcome LGBT people, supporting them in self-discovery, in relation to others and in the full acceptance of their dignity as creatures capable of giving and receiving love; – Include and embrace same-sex couples, in the awareness that the love of Christ is for all, and for all is the source of life in abundance; – Recognize life-histories of homophobia and take a definite stance to protect their victims. The pain and fear of the people living in countries where homosexuality and transsexuality are criminalized, and daily risk their life or the loss of their freedom because of their sexual identity, is our pain and our fear. We are committed to fight against such persecutions everywhere. The Italian section of MIR is committed to breaking down such barriers as have prevented transsexuals people to become bona fide members of society. We are committed to fight against all forms of homophobia and transphobia.

(Unanimously carried)